Simple task scheduling and planning

Plan projects with ease. Keep teams on track. Kick stress to the curb.
lets you keep important information all in one place, always accessible to stakeholders.

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What is Team Trakking

Team Trakking is a beautifully simple project planning web application.
Take the stress out of project planning and people management. Team Trakking helps teams work smarter together.


Simple task scheduling

Your team will be well organized and the work will be done smoothly. It equips the business to serve more with reduced time resources.

Boosts staff productivity

Time, work, and regular updates will be planned on a monthly or weekly basis. Working team members will remain assigned.

Less customer complaints

Flexible, mobility enhancing features & real-time updates help customer to be informed and empowered, reducing scope of complaints

Real-time data analytics

Gathers real-time data about the services, wait time, and customers. Reports provided by the system allows to identify key areas of improvement.

Easy setup and maintenance

A cloud-baesd secured solution ready to use on the go; accessable from anywhere, anytime.

How it works!


Users will register with a unique email address by email verification. After completion, a workspace and team with demo data set will appear. Users can invite other team members into his/her workspace and assign roles.

Manage task

Here users can create new workspaces, teams, projects. Multiple workspaces and teams can be managed. Monthly or weekly work plans can be planned for each member of the team. Milestones can be created for each project.

Working hours

The working hours of the members of each team can be fixed. The assigned work time will be defined along with the extra working time.

Leave Management

One can apply for leave from the leave module. Workspace owner will be notified if anyone applied for leave and the owner can manage it. The user will be notifed after the workspce owner's response.

Key Features

Lovely to look at and easy-to-use, Team Trakking gives teams a visual overview of who’s doing what, and what’s coming up next. That means less stress and better results.

Felxible priority management

Whether you're planning for next week or your next big project, you'll have a clear visual overview of what needs to be done when.

Drag and drop

Tasks can be easily assigned by dragging.

Easy sharing

Can easily share tasks and let others know.

Single task checklist

Adding sub-tasks to each task makes it much easier.

Custom color & Milestone

Different colors can be assigned to each project. You can set milestone for project goal.

Real-time update

Every change has been made in real-time so that everyone is updated with anyone change.

Team and project time schedule

Time can be managed very nicely for everyone on the team. At the same time, the time schedule of the project can be calculated.

Secure & cross-platform

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted.

Use Team View to get the best group overview!

See what everyone is working on, who is on vacation and who is overbooked.

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